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  2. Baptists make up the largest Protestant Christian group in Arkansas, characterized by the practice of baptism, usually by immersion, on profession of faith in Jesus Christ. They exhibit great diversity in customs, but most Baptists have congregational polity combined with voluntary interconnection of congregations. They also emphasize autonomy (self-governance) of .
  3. Baptists reject any church hierarchy; however, among contemporary Baptists the role of the church, the clergy, and centralization is increasing. The Baptists conduct systematic religious propaganda among the vast popular masses, since conversion of those of a different mind is incumbent not only on specially trained preachers but also on.
  4. Most Baptists trace their heritage to early 17 th-century C.E. differences with the Church of England and the subsequent decision to form Christian communities with local autonomy, an .
  5. Baptists endeavor to base each belief, practice, emphasis and organization on the teachings of the Bible. The desire of Baptists is to be as close to the New Testament model for an individual Christian and for a church that is humanly possible with God’s help through the instruction and empowering of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Dec 17,  · Baptists strongly encourage evangelism and missionary work. In response to Christ’s call to “make disciples of all nations,” many Baptists encourage missionary work and evangelism opportunities. Baptists say that millions of people around the world have not heard of Jesus and evangelism is the mission of sharing Christ’s message.
  7. Baptist - Baptist - History: Some Baptists believe that there has been an unbroken succession of Baptist churches from the days of John the Baptist and the Apostles of Jesus Christ. Others trace their origin to the Anabaptists, a 16th-century Protestant movement on the European continent. Most scholars, however, agree that Baptists, as an English-speaking denomination, .
  8. Aug 09,  · Baptists New and Old. The story of Baptist beginnings forms a paradox. On one hand, Baptists are deeply convinced that theirs is a Bible faith, rooted in the message of Jesus Christ and the apostles. To that extent, Baptists can be called a New Testament church.
  9. Nov 18,  · The Baptists became the largest religious group in many of the southern states; today, two-thirds of the members of Black Churches of the USA are Baptists. In the 19th century, Baptist churches continued their rapid growth, and from their ranks came such great preachers as Charles Spurgeon, Robert Hall, Alexander Maclaren and John Clifford.

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